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Re: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

for me after reading all your comments about sliced bread ...... there was a post by an old desappeared forumer about what do you prefere wether teared or cut bread ....... the greatest thing in my kitchen is a little grattugia which goes in both directions and helps me make soups at double speed grating vegs to be added to sliced leek stirfried in evo oil, hot water on top and a little dried stock (Rapunzel) at the end, I bought many of that and gave them away as present to the people I like.
This makes me think to my father having discovered a device you put on the bottom of a pan to boil milk, so proud of his discovery he wanted to buy some more, but the vendor did not know where they were in the shop shelves, he knew it and bought one for the shop assistent himself wink   big_smile

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Re: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

peanut butter with anything sweet definately no.

best thing...all gadgets are bad for planet earth. the best things are simple and known for centuries. sharp knife, a good pan, a ceramic bread tin

I would say paper muffin cups are pretty amazing. no need to wash the tins all the time. baking sheets in general.

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