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sourdough starter

I have really got into making my own bread and wanted to have a go at sourdough.  Watching Paul Hollywood on Monday it looks easy - … with_45126   and … ough_21029

Help - silly questions but here goes.

The starter - when I remove half to feed do I remove the grapes as well or leave them in.  The recipe for the bread says 9oz starter dough - will this be all the starter ??. 

I really would like to make a starter and keep one going just using enough to make the bread and then restart ??? this I assum I would ( having taken some out for the bread I would just then feed )  In which case what happens to the grapes ???. 

I know I am being a bit thick but I just couldn't get my head round it  oops

I would also like to make a loaf with rye, do I make a different starter for this ??



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Re: sourdough starter

I'm in a hurry earthmmm so I'll tell you in short what I did, if you have started from grapes take them away and go on only with the batter to ripen your sourdough, when you feed it it is sufficient a tiny bit of the old to be mixed/added to  flour and half its weigh of water, let's say 100 gr flour + 50 gr water, I keep it in the fridge in a marmellata jar, and only when I'm going to bake bread I take it out and use more flour and water to make a considerable amount of dough

there is a breadchat I attend each month with bakers and passionate home bread makers, you would like it

the next one on the 17 of april if I'm not wrong

crossed  thumbsup  clap happy baking ciaoo from a busy nonna

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Re: sourdough starter

Glad you cleared that up Grandmadamada , it wasnt made clear in the tv show at all.

Earthmum , you might like to read Maree's diary of a sur dough … 66#p697266

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