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#1 Sat 13 Apr 13 2:58pm


Member since Sat 13 Apr 13

Singaporean chicken and rice

hi all!  anyone got a recipe for the above? question

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#2 Sat 13 Apr 13 4:03pm


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From English immigrant in S. Wales
Member since Fri 07 Dec 12

Re: Singaporean chicken and rice

Hello Pat and welcome.  There are loads of suggested recipes on Google.  Suggest you have a browse amongst them.

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#3 Thu 16 May 13 4:49am


From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Member since Wed 15 May 13

Re: Singaporean chicken and rice

Hi Pat! Did you mean chicken rice? I am not sure about Singapore chicken and rice but can share a simple chicken rice recipe from Malaysia (we are couldn't be far off i guess).

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