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Leftovers and Frugality

I grew up in a family that loved homemade mashed potatoes. There were many times that we had leftovers and they ended up not being used. Recently, I found a way to put those leftover mashed potatoes to good-use! I make potato cakes out of these, they are good for breakfast sandwiches as well as to be eaten with a bit of butter and maple syrup. You will need the following:
- Freezer space
- Freezer-safe wax paper
- Freezer-safe food-storage containers ( with matching lids and just big enough to hold two layers of four patties)
1.) Cut the wax paper to the approximate length (on the longest side) of your container. Be sure to cut extra pieces as you can always place the extras in a zip-lock bag for later use and you save time, as well.
2.) make certain you mashed potatoes are the same temperature as your refrigerator. Then take enough to make a patty about 3 or 4 inches in diameter and a half inch thick.
3.) Place 2 layers of 4 patties in your container, squeeze out excess air and seal. Then place in your freezer. When ready for use, allow to thaw and fry them up in a skillet with some oil.

I love to use these and fry up an egg and some bacon, butter them up, and place a slice of yellow American cheese on one side and make it into a sandwich for breakfast. YUM!

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Re: Leftovers and Frugality

As far as it depends on me, nothing goes to waste. There is always a way. Either eating the same dish again or create something new.
Nice way of using leftover mashed potatoes. Haven't heard that one before.

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Re: Leftovers and Frugality

welcome to the forum bethany.twine.5 smile

Thats a really good idea.

Quite a lot of fish and chip shops near where I live make and sell potato fritters , the slice up cld mashed potato , batter it and deep fry it ! I dont know how many of then they sell of hw popular they are but there are always one or two in the hot cabinat and fry more when needed.They are not something that should beeaten every day !!!!

We often make 'Bubble and squeak' with left over potato and left over vegetables, you simply mix the two together and fry in a frying pan for a while, you dont need much fat in the pan and you stir it every so often then finally leave it to get a bit of a crispy crust to it. I like to chop the left over veg first and its traditional to use cabbage but I add what ever veg is leftover as do any people.

Fish cakes are also a good way of using up cold mashed potato .

(We never seem to have enough to put into the freeze as my family cant resist mashed potato but if  we ever do I will remember your idea.

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Re: Leftovers and Frugality

Bethany, that's a good idea.  I'll give that a try.  I love how simple it is.

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Re: Leftovers and Frugality

I almost never throw food away, except when cream cheese gets moldy, somehow all the boxes they sell are so large I canĀ“t finish them. sometimes I make a last-minute soup and throw it in.

I dont even know what else...left over? more like  never enough. milk is the only thing. then I make omelet or barley bread with it...

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