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open or semi open Chimania

looking to geta chimania my wif wnats one with a wire mesh insert all round it, I'd prefer one with just an open front ( will retain more heat i think. any guidance or experiance would be appreciated help

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Re: open or semi open Chimania

Welcome to the forum GaryComo8  smile

I'm not sure what you mean by a chimnea that has wire mesh all round it.
Unless you mean the wire mesh shelf that can be put into the chimney for cooking .

I don't have a chimnea , I have a little clay St Lucia coal pot that I use to cook with either on the table outside or on the ground , it's a great little pot and very transportable if you want to take it on a picnic  or to the beach.
I do sometimes put a few more bits of charcoal on it to keep warm on a chilling evening .
The coal pot isn't very large but its easy to light and great to cook on.

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