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three course meal help?

A few friends and me are doing a 'come dine with me' themed dinner party. I need some help with recipes that are not everyday things they eat.
* There will be four of us in total.
* Must not include sea foods, nuts or any meat excluding chicken
Please nothing to advanced and can I have a step by step recipe plan.

Thanks so much for any help


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Re: three course meal help?

What ideas do you have already?  What things are the other people accustomed to eating that you want to avoid?  Are you looking for mostly vegetarian options?

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Re: three course meal help?

And....where in the world are you??

Summer here in Blighty.........Winter in some less developed countries... whistle

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Re: three course meal help?

wine~o wrote:

Summer here in Blighty.........Winter in some less developed countries... whistle

Hmmm ... wink

(Back on topic) ... Yes, could you be a bit more specific, please? smile

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Re: three course meal help?

welcome to the forum ithinkijust  smile

Before we start giving you suggestions it would be helpful to know

*country you live in ?
* what your climate is at the moment ?
*what sort of things you like to cook?
* is there a set budget for the meal ?
*what sort of appliances you have in your kitchen  ?  e.g. do you have a liquidiser /food processor etc
*if you cook a from fresh ingredients most of the time ?   ,,this will make a difference to preperation tmes and its also makes you feel ore relaxed if you are preparing things you are familiar with .

once we know a bit more it should be easy enough to suggest some menus for you

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