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Re: Scheuermann's/ Shermans Disease

I have only latterly come across this thread & hope that if my input is of any use at all it will be picked up by Rebecca.

As I understand it, it is a condition often caused by the vertebrae developing unevenly during teenage. I have a scoliosis caused by Scheuermann's, & mine is a relatively mild form as are most cases (it's a very common condition comparatively speaking).
My pain is centred on the space roughly between my shoulder blades, & strenuous periods of activity or prolonged periods of inactivity can set it off. I personally choose not to take painkillers, but rather use herbal means to help relax the muscles & hot baths to do the same.
Of course the severity of your particular case might be more extreme, & your doctor will advise you accordingly. But there are some things you can do to help yourself....vary your footwear (different height heels will alter the points in your back where the tension bites), simple low impact stretching exercises (get advice from a physio skilled in this condition), a supportive but not too firm mattress/pillows.......& work....oh where do I begin on that one???
Work is always the toughest part of dealing with this kind of disorder, especially if it involves standing for long periods, lifting, twisting, bending or sudden response movement. A boss that is understanding is a boon, but for so many profit/productivity is the only bottom line........just rest & flex when you can.
Depression..........pain is draining, it prevents you sleeping, it makes you short-tempered & quick to get hurt/take offense...........depression can be a real problem, because unlike toothache (which has the same kind of pain) which can be quickly dealt with by a dentist, this drags on & on sometimes interminably it seems. If you need help with this...........see your doctor, you earn no medals by not being able to function properly. There are some excellent non-addictive anti-depressants these days, but it does take a while for the condition to settle down, for you to get your head round it & to find the right treatment, so take your time & be gentle on yourself, it may not be as bad as you first think.

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