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Dinner for 20

Im having a house-warming/ Halloween dinner for 20 people. Will be at work all day so I want to cook something at the weekend which i can freeze and then heat up when i get home and add fresh bits to it. Was thinking of lamb rogan josh but for 20 it is A LOT of ingredients (20 onions..Ministry of Food)

Any ideas? (last time i did a ham and boston beans so need an alternative this time!)

One pot wonder that freezes well. Then i can spruce up with fresh starters and puddings.


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Re: Dinner for 20

welcome to the forum lucyhopkins smile

I am not great at the freezing part of things as I only have a small freezer and just freeze tings like potions of cooked casseroles for pies , breadcrumbs , soups and stocks that I have prepared myself and tend to use it to store meat frozen peas. spinach , icecream and a few other things , but that said it comes into its own at christmas time when I make the things like stuffing, pigs in blankets et etc .

what about a sort of mexican theme but keeoing it fairly simple ..
you could cook a huge pot of chilli con carne , this could be served with rice or even baked potatoes
Im sure the chilli con carne would freeze and if you use the search function on the forum ( at side of page ) then you are likely to find some tips and recipes.

plus trimmings , ( these are just a few easy to do examples )
making your own guacamole is very quick and far tastier then any you can buy.
soured cream can be mixed with chives or left plain
chuncks of limes squeeze on top of whatever
a bowl of salad leaves scattered with things like pumpkin seeds and what ever else you fancy.
chopped tomato salad etc
tortilla chips

most of these will be quick to prepare and some lime the limes can be chopped in advance

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Re: Dinner for 20

Hi Lucy! Sorry for the delay - I'll ask the food team what they'd recommend and get back to you.

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Re: Dinner for 20

Hello Lucy

What a brilliant idea from Mummza!!

Apart from the side dishes mentioned you could also make simple flatbreads and Naan breads to accompany the Chilli. Both can be made prior to the party and frozen in bulk. (flatbreads can be made with water and Naans made with yogurt and milk).....once thawed and portioned they can be cooked in minutes using a heavy frying pan, then popped under a hot grill.


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