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Overwinter Onion Problem

Hi guys, hope all is well.

Just looking for some reassurance/advice really, I'm growing a load of red onions in plant pots over winter, (sets planted about 5 wks ago in a plastic covered freestanding bookshelf type greenhouse) and they seem to have sprouted nicely. However the leaves are reaching 6-7 inches then flopping over which I assume isn't good; I read somewhere that even if the leaves die off they'll regenerate in spring though this has been in relation to seed-grown rather than set-grown onions.

Do I need to be worried about them and have an emergency replant, or shall I just leave them to do their thing?


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Re: Overwinter Onion Problem

Welcome to the forum DHM  smile

Where abouts in the world do you live ?

I have to say that  it would not have occurred to me to plant onions like this so I'm not sure what to advise but others may have a better idea .
I have only ever planted onion sets  out in the spring .

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