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Looking for a Twiglet Recipe

I can't get twiglets easily over here in Canada (like many other much missed British foods), so I would really like to have a go at making some.  Does anyone have a recipe for me to try? I'm not looking for breadsticks painted with marmite or parsnips with marmite, I want a recipe where I can create something that looks and tastes similar to Twiglets.   I have mastered recreating crumpets, piccalilli and Branston pickle since living here - Twiglets is next on the list  smile

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Re: Looking for a Twiglet Recipe

I live in Canada too and miss twiglets also.  Did you ever find a recipe to make them?

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Re: Looking for a Twiglet Recipe

Sorry, have no idea what a 'Twiglet' is- that's ok, I can Google.

I'm Australian:).

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Re: Looking for a Twiglet Recipe

Make a simple dough with flour, oil, salt, and pepper (and presumable water)
Roll it out thinly.
Substituting Marmite for the yeast extract, paint a thin layer of it on one surface of the dough.
Cut dough into strips
Twist the strips
Bake in a medium oven until done.

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