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Allergy to Cumin

I love Moroccon food but am allergic to cumin.
Can anyone suggest an alternative rather than just leaving it out?
I can't take turmeric either. question

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Re: Allergy to Cumin

Welcome to the forum Mels1958

Being allergic to Cummin must be a real nuisance as its in quite a number of foods .
Untill now if never heard of an allergy to Cummin .

As you are also allergic to Turmuric I feel that this question is best asked to your dietitian as there may be other spices you are also allergic to.

I presume you have undergone allergy testing from a qualified medical practitioner . Have they been able to advise you about foods to avoid ?

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Re: Allergy to Cumin

Did some googling and Chilli powder and paprika kept popping up so maybe try that or even a bit of both....

but like mummza says it may be best to check with your Dietitian as you my also be allergic to these and i would not want to cause you ill,..    smile

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Re: Allergy to Cumin

I can't think of a substitution for cumin, and if I was cooking for you, I would simply leave it out, but maybe make up for it with a bit extra of the other spices that are sure to be in your Moroccan recipe. Same with turmeric, but I would probably add in saffron (which might have been substituted with turmeric in the first place!). It is more expensive, but you deserve it!

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