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nice tea time snacks (from malaysia)

Hi..i'm Han from Malaysia..this recipe i would like to share with all of you..hope u'll like it... big_smile
this is a local malay food.. its easy..

10 minutes

'Jemput-Jemput' (fried flour wit onion & anchovies)

serve 5-6

500gm flour
One handful of dried anchovies (halves)
2 cloves (big or medium) onion
1 1/2 tea spoon of salt
500ml water600ml vegetable oil (to fry)

Pre heat the pan/wok & the oil.

Put all the flour/salt & anchovies in the bowl..
cut (dice or roughly chop) the onion & mix it in the bowl...
stir up well....
Then u can pour in the water..little by little..(mix & stir it very well)
until it became not so very thick (until it'll be sometin' like whipped cream).
then u can deep fry it (scoop by spoon..bite size)
fried it until semi golden brown then serve it
(serves during winter... big_smile )
you may dip it with chilli sauce or made it yourself a *chilli dip

*chilli dip

10 large red chili
2 medium clove of garlic
1/4 cup of water
pinch of salt
(mix all of it & blend)
make sure it doesnt too thick or to thin...make it juz nice..)

This would be nice as a tea time snacks..easy.
hope all of u will like it... thumbsup


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Re: nice tea time snacks (from malaysia)

Hi Han - welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the Jemput-Jemput recipe and the Chilli dip.

What a great idea use Anchovies! Would neer have thought of that.

What sort of flour do you use for the Jemput-Jemput?

In England, we make something a little similar, which we call Fritters - in France they call them Beignets, in Japan they have Tempura, and, of course, in India they do Pakoras or Bhajis (made with Gram Flour). I suppose most cuisines have some variation of deep fried battered vegetables, fruit, fish or meat.

More Malaysian recipes please!

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Re: nice tea time snacks (from malaysia)

Hi GeoffP..

Its a mix of onions & anchovies flavour...kind a natural one...
Yup, similar as the fritters...but in malaysia name & ways... big_smile .

You can eat the 'spring roll' wit dat chilli dip u know...kind a nice too...
go try it..lots of malaysian like it dat way....

I'll post more of malaysian recipes... wink

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Re: nice tea time snacks (from malaysia)

Hi Han

Can't wait to try this one and look forward to more recipe's


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