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#1 Wed 27 Dec 06 7:59pm


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I have been following the Jamie Oliver recipe for sourdough bread, tomorrow is the day for baking so fingers crossed.  The recipe says to reserve 500g for the next loaf, does anyone know how it should be stored if I don't want to make it daily?  I have read on other sites that it can be stored in the fridge and will become suspended, does any one know if it needs feeding, needs to be able to breathe, what I need to do when I want to make another loaf ?  When making a second loaf, do you still use 1kg of flour? help

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#2 Fri 09 Feb 07 10:55pm

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Re: Sourdough

Keep the reserved sourdough starter in your fridge for up to 6 months.
If it separates, stir in some flour and put it back in. Make sure gasses can escape but the lid is still tight enough to keep other visitors out.
If there is too much dry crusty starter on the sides, move it to a new container occasionally. If you use a dishwasher always rinse your container 1st to remove soap and rinse agent residue.
3 days before the next bake-off, take it out of the fridge, add 1/2 cup four & 1/3 cup water mixed to make a sponge. Put in a warm, dark place (pantry). Repeat on 2nd day and repeat on 3rd day. Starter should now be well fed and fully active and ready to bake.
You will have to adjust your recipe so you won't have too much starter left over.
If you have a dehydrator, try to dehydrate your starter. That's how the "Old Salts" or "Sourdoughs" from the gold rush days did it. (Though it was sun-dried). They would keep it in a leather pouch around their necks to keep it from freezing.
**** Save the water from boiling potatoes, salted or not. This Potato Water is the best liquid to add to sourdough starters and will improve your bread immensely. The salt will also assist in a better gluten structure.
Pit Boss

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#3 Sat 10 Feb 07 9:40am


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Re: Sourdough

Did someone say sourdough?


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