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Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

Hey there, i was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me.  Im a student and not too good at the cooking (but improving...i hope!). 
Whenever i cook im cooking for about 5 people.

So when i was looking through Jamies Dinners, i saw the recipe for the 'tray baked chicken maryland' and thought it would make a great dinner, except for one thing.  That is, i really dont like bananas.  Most things i dont like i will still eat, but bananas is one of the few i wont.  I was thinking maybe there is an alternative to using the bananas (it says to put the bananas in the chicken breasts before cooking) but im not sure if anything else will work?  Im fairly inexperienced with cooking so hopefully someone else can help me as i dont have a clue what i could use as a substitute! Thanks :)

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Re: Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

Hello ska, welcome.

Banana is traditionally served with Chicken Maryland, but how about trying Mango.  It is soft and squidgy like banana, and although the flavour will be different, I think it would work.

Just a thought!!!

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Re: Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

This is an amazing recipe and there is not much substitute for bananas.

The banana flavour is not all that strong in this and just compliments and enhances the flavours of everything else.

My advice is to try it, just give it a go and you may be pleasantly surprised. Even if you don't like bananas, please try it.

I hate broadbeans (too many grey overcooked humungus ones as a child), I never buy them. OG brought home some that a workmate grew organically and because I would consider it to be rude not to eat them, I dug up a recipe for double peeled broad beans and home made pasta and it was delicious.

I wouldn't go out of my way even now to eat broad beans, but it is a recipe I would make again if given some or I saw some nice fresh ones at the market.

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Re: Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

i found it a very rich recipe, but very good. I think the banana gave it some of therichness that it would been odd without.

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Re: Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

I've made this too, and the banana flavour wasn't overpowering at all. Maybe give it a try, however if you are still keen not to use banana, I think the above post which suggests Mango would also be quite nice. Mango goes really well with chicken :-)

Let us know how you go....

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Re: Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

Also comes to Mind is tinned and drained Pineapple or Apricots  in  Natural juices for the stuffing instead jan xxx If you hate Bannanas there are no set rules to say you must use them ....Until you try another fruit  out you wont know go for it and let us know how it turns out jan x

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Re: Chicken maryland recipe (jamies dinners)

I agree with the Mango suggestion or maybe even paw-paw if you really can't handle the banana. I'll be making this recipe again now that Banana's are cheap again.

(For those not in Australia, we had all our banana crops wiped out by a cyclone last year so banana's went up to around $14 a kilo)

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