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still can't find pasta flour

does anyone know of a shop in central London that sells it?

i do my grocery shopping online with Sainsburys and they don't have it.  I have also looked in my local Sainsbury, Safeway and M& S - still no joy.

Help!!!! help

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Re: still can't find pasta flour

Just use plain flour. Sift it a few times and you should have no problems.

All the Italians I grew up with here in Australia used it and their pasta tasted great. I don't really taste the difference. The eggs are what put the flavour in the pasta. Make sure you use the best eggs you can get.

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Re: still can't find pasta flour

I've seen it in my Sainsbury's, in the shelves around the deli bit, however a lot of the 'speciality' things available in store aren't online.  If you're in London, go to Speck in Holland Park or Marylebone High St., or even any Carluccio's.

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Re: still can't find pasta flour

Hi Femurs,
      If there is a Tesco's near you go there. They sell Doves type 0 pasta flour (its organic too). Good luck.
      Keep smiling,

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Re: still can't find pasta flour

Hi I shop at Tesco and Sainsbury's and they both sell Tipo 00 flour (pasta flour).

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Re: still can't find pasta flour

I wish i could find 00 flour here. the one italian specialty shop in town  that did carry it has stopped because they couldn't turn their stock over fast enough...  mad  I am not sure how much difference it makes in fresh pasta but it makes an unbelievable difference in pizza or foccacia dough. Adding a small amount of  high gluten flour (strong flour)to the All purpose may help a bit. It still doesn't have the same consistency which i think is due to the 00 being milled much finer.

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