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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!


I am spechless! big_smile

Oh and when you're done with Mr Clooney-any chance you can send him my way? Still nekked and dirty... whistle

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

We definitely wont be going out and I wont get any flowers or treats so it looks like I have to do it myself!

All I am hoping for is that my bouillabasse turns out and my crab cakes wont fall apart but I know the brownies will be a hit.

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Confused,  lol

Don't forget the chocolate for those chocoholics out there!!  I've read somewhere on this forum about chocolate body paint.  It may have been at Dave's thread.  (Great thread there, Dave!!) big_smile

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Here in Germany Valentine's Day is one of those commercial foreign imports. We like it anyway (some of us at least).

However my husband and I decided to do it minus the stress of having to buy a present and getting kitschy heart shaped cards and accessories (although I think he secretely loves exactly those... wink )

We usually just try to do something together - something we both like to do. This year we need that particularly as we have been through some rather hard times (his health) right after our honeymoon and for some months. Now that things are getting better the perfect thing would be to go out for a nice dinner - so no one has to wash up. And then either see a movie and have a late night coffee out or just winding up the dinner with a couple of drinks and have the rest of the night to ourselves at home.

But, you know, it really doesn't matter that much as long as we spend the evening together and not just watching TV. If he thinks ordering pizza and a bubble bath are the call of the day this year - so be it!

Just treating ourselves to something whatever it is would be my perfect Valentine!

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Hi Jamie et al,

I'll be looking out for your tips for a special Valentines meal, Jamie.

I'm living in Prague and currently missing my french hubby, still in France.
Difficult times, we also have have a 2 year old son.

When we will meet, we've already talked about having fondue.

There's something very romantic about fondue for two. It's simple to make too, which means you can spend more time actually enjoying it.

Also, you have to share and coordinate dipping your fork in the melted cheese all the way through the meal.  It's a sort of metaphor, for the way relationships work.

...........and it's v. romantic too.

Happy Valentines

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Hi Jamie,

For valentine's Day I am planning a Barbeque. A night outside away from the cricket and T.V. I'll adapt the Grilled spatchcocked chicken recipe from the new book. Some cold beers and wine, some good conversation, enjoy each other's company whilst listening to the noises of the night.

Happy Valentine's everyone.

P.S. I kind of like the Lady and the tramp idea with the spaghetti but I don't think Mr. S. would go for it.  lol

Shammy smile

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Ellie H

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Hi All!

In an alternate universe Valentines day would involve my gorgeous husband surprising me with gargantuan bunch of red roses, a walk by the sea in a lovely quiet fishing village or a visit to the lakes, and dinner in a small restaurant (I love Jambo in Windermere) with something dark choclatey and indulgent for dessert, followed by an early night.

The reality will be wake up feed my gorgeous 12 week old son, worry about the mess in the house but have no time to clean it, change nappies, have microwave meal for lunch (sorry!), feed and change baby some more, play, coo, cuddle, kiss and giggle with baby, scoff a flake dark, watch baby beam as Daddy comes home from work, feed change and play some more, eat pork chops, mash, carrots and peas whilst laying on floor with baby on playmat/burping baby/bouncing baby/cuddling baby etc, and fall asleep on sofa, wake up at midnight for husband to feed baby, collapse in bed (due to exhaustion and not passion!!) say 'I love you' to both my son and husband and fall asleep.....then repeat.

The reality is soooo much better!!! Valentines doesn't just have to be a celebtation of love for couples, it can just be a day to make sure you tell the important people in your life that you love them.

Hope you all have a good one!


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Dave Barker

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Hi Ellie,

Busy eh?

I know what you are going through mate... we have a 9 year old, a 3 year old and a 2 year old...

As well as that my mrs works job share arond my hours so that one of us is always at home for the little ones, So that we dont need to use child care, and I work full time as a chef...quite a lot of hours. I understand where you are comming from, life can be sooooo manic!

But you know what they say mate, you get out of life what you put into it!

Just remember to make that little effort for you and your partner to spend a little bit of quality time together, when you have kids it is too easy to let your time together slide...

Keep going, Stay sane

All the best

Dave B

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young mum

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

Mercs  lol  lol

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Alex G

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Re: Tell me about your perfect Valentine's!

I'll tell you in person today XD

Me and my girlfriend don't really do presents for valentines day, this year we set a £5 spending limit, i've got her a book called 'Guess how much I love you', were going to pizza express on valentines day, love it there!  cool  mrgreen

If it's a nice day might go out with her to the beach.

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