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I went to Fifteen london last night....

My girlfriend treated me to dinner at the dining room last night for my 25th birthday. The bill came to over £200 for the two of us, but I can honestly say it was one of the best nights I've ever had. The waiters were amazingly attentive, friendly and informative (espeically the wine guy), and the food was the best I've ever eaten. To anyone thinking of going, I'd reccommend you book straight away and splash out. Its not cheap, but its definately worth it.

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Re: I went to Fifteen london last night....

Lucky you!!!! thumbsup

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Re: I went to Fifteen london last night....

happy birthsday and I am pleased to hear you had a nice time at FIFTEEN  smile

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Re: I went to Fifteen london last night....

Hi Rich,
   Glad you had a good time.
   I'm also glad the food was really good, as I might be going there with some others later this year!.
   Keep smiling,

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Re: I went to Fifteen london last night....

question Hi - did you go for the wine pairing? I have booked at the end of the month for my husband's 50th as a surprise. I love my wine but have to confess to being a bit of a guzzler! When I booked they said the wine pairing was a small glasss of wine with each course but on the website it says half a glass of wine with each course. I assume that you get a 125ml glass, which is commonly now known as a small glass. That would explain the "half a glass" quote as a large glass is 250. I just don't want to pay £80 for us to have the wine and then feel that I haven't had enough!

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