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Re: Salad dressing - embarassed even to ask

teresamcook wrote:

Not sure how your 4 year old would take to this but I use olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my basic salads and everyone loves it.. alternatively you can try olive oil and lemon juice.

beet me to it.. i was gonna say.. two things. balsamic vinegar and olive oil  wink

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Re: Salad dressing - embarassed even to ask

bcrain wrote:

Has anyone used truffle oil on salads or even as a finishing for some dishes? Just wondering what it tastes like and what dishes it's best paired with... I have never tried truffles before so I suppose this is my way of getting a little hint of it, minus the price of truffles!

I've used  a  little bit of truffle  oil in the past, both white and black, mostly for finishing... it really tastes like nothing else...its got the same unctuousness of good olive oil, the earthiness of really good wild mushrooms, and this je ne se quais that puts it over the top.  I'm too miserly (student) to spring for real truffles, but the oil does add something

As for salad dressings

olive oil and acid always work, I like 2:1 so the acid cuts through more, but always to your own taste.

If you are looking for a slightly more exotic dressing try walnut oil and  raspberry wine vinegar, excellent over autumnal salads (or a car bumper...really, everything tastes good  with this one)

Aside from that just remembering to season both the dressing and  the leaves, if you can do that great dressings are in the bag.

PS.  a cocktail shaker is my method of  choice for making the emulsion,  saves having to bust out the whisk....things are the devil to clean



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Re: Salad dressing - embarassed even to ask

I like white truffle over a salad of good tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and oregano.  It's a little less summery take on the typical caprese.

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