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Valentines Dessert


I could do with a bit of advice on my Valentines dessert, husband loves my dark chocolate brownies, my plan is to make a big heart shaped one for us to share, any advice on what to serve with it?  I'd quite like to go a bit OTT, heart shaped decorations and all that!

Also any advice on wine, we are having duck pate to start, and excellent steak for main (we are very lucky, have a local butcher who rears, slaughters, hangs and sells his own beef for amazingly low prices!) and of course the chocolate brownie for pudding.  I'm thinking a nice red but would be grateful for any suggestions.




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Re: Valentines Dessert

Have a look at the decoration on this, might serve as inspiration: … red_devil/

This is such a fantastic site for all things foodie and sexy.  Shame Mannix doesn't post here anymore.

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