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Lamb Shanks

Help please!  I'm having friends to supper tomorrow night and decided to buy some lovely looking lamb shanks at Sainsbury's - only I haven't the foggiest idea how to cook them - any one got any ideas involving red wine maybe???  I really want a warming winter recipe and would appreciate some suggestions.  Thanks........

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Re: Lamb Shanks

you can just por over equal amounts of honey, soy sauce and beef stock and cook covered for a couple of hours (depending on the size of the shanks), turning every while, and take the lid/foil off in the last thirty minutes.

The only thing hard about that recipe is remembering to do something to go with it.

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Re: Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks in Red Wine

you need:
4 Lamb Shanks (trimmed)
1 cup Red Wine
1 cup Beef or Lamb stock
1/2 cup roughly cut carrots
1/2 cup roughly cut onions
1/2 cup roughly cut celery
2 cloves garlic
1 sprig fresh Thyme
1 sprig fresh Rosemary
2T tomato paste
2T plain flour
1/4 cup cooking oil

1. Put half the oil in a heavy based pan and cook lamb shanks until well sealed and brown.
2. Remove from pan then add the rest of the oil and cook vegies until brown.
3. Add tomato paste, garlic and flour to pan and cook slowly to brown.
4. Add red wine and beef or lamb stock - slowly stir to avoid lumps.
5. Cover pan and cook at 180 degree celsius for 1.5 - 2 hours until tender and falling off the bone.
6. Skim sauce and reduce slightly to thicken (if necessary).
7. Place 2 shanks on the plate and over with sauce.
8. Serve with mashed potatoes and steamed vegies.

Slow baked lamb shanks with red wine jus and caramelised onions

You need:

Lamb Shanks

8 lamb shanks
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon sugar
11/2 cups dry red wine
2 cups beef stock
3 cloves garlic crushed

Caramelised Onions

40g butter
2 medium red onions sliced thinly
1/4 cup brown sugar


Lamb Shanks
Pre heat oven to slow
Heat oil in large flameproof baking dish
Cook shanks till browned all over
Stir in sugar, wine, stock and garlic and bring to boil

Transfer the lamb slowly to oven, roast and cover for 4 hours
Turning twice during cooking
Remove lamb from dish, cover to keep warm, Pour Liquids into medium saucepan and simmer until reduced by 1/3

Caramelised Onions
Melt butter in medium saucepan, cook onion stirring about 15 minutes or until browned and soft
Stir in sugar and cook stirring about 15 minutes or until onion is caramelised

Lamb Shanks Braised in Red Wine


6 lamb shanks, about 1 1/4 pounds each
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons crushed black peppercorns
2 bay leaves
8 cups chicken broth
3 cups dry red wine (about 1 bottle)
2 heads garlic, halved crosswise
4 ribs celery, cut into large dice
4 carrots, cut into large dice
1 large onion, peeled, cut into about 8 wedges
1 cup thickly sliced mushrooms (about 4)
Five 3-inch sprigs fresh rosemary


Heat the oven to 425 degrees. Season the shanks with salt and pepper. In a large, high-sided ovenproof pot, heat the oil until barely smoking. Sear the shanks in batches on all sides until golden brown. Put all the shanks in the pot; add the peppercorns, bay leaves, stock, wine, garlic, celery, carrots, onion, and mushrooms. Put the pot in the oven and cook, turning the shanks every 1/2 hour, until the meat is very tender but still on the bone, about 2 hours. (If making ahead, refrigerate the shanks and cooking liquid separately. Before reheating, remove the fat from the liquid. Put the shanks and the liquid in a covered roasting pan in a 400 degrees oven for about 20 min.)

Remove the shanks and some mushrooms and onions and cover them with foil. Strain the braising liquid into a medium saucepan, degrease carefully, and simmer gently until its flavor is intensified and its volume is reduced by about a third. Serve the shanks on top of the Roasted Garlic and White Bean Puree; ladle the sauce over the lamb. Serve some of the mushrooms and onions on the side.

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Re: Lamb Shanks

Hi Jo-Flo, welcome.

How about........

Jamie's recipe for Spiced Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks from  his Book "The Naked Chef".  Serves 4

This is one of the cheapest and tastiest cuts of lamb.  Cooked this way, the sauce is very tasty and the meat will just fall off the bone.  Served with potato mash, polenta, couscous or rice, it is a wonderful dish.

4 lamb shanks
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
1 small dried red chilli or 2 teaspoons chopped fresh chilli
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon dried marjoram or oregano
1 tablespoon flour
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
1 large carrot, quartered and finely sliced
6 sticks of celery, quartered and finely sliced
2 medium/large onions, quartered and finely chopped
1 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
170ml / 6fl oz dry white wine
6 anchovy fillets
2 x 400gr/14oz tins of plum tomatoes
1 handful of fresh basil, marjoram or flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped

Season the lamb with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Smash up the coriander seeds and dried chilli and mix with the chopped rosemary and dried marjoram.  Roll the lamb in this mixture, pressing it in well.  Dust the lamb with the flour.

Heat a thick-bottomed casserole pan, add the oil, brown the meat on all sides and then remove from the pan.  Add the garlic, carrot, celery, onions and a pinch of salt and sweat them until softened.  Add the balsamic vinegar and allow it to reduce to a syrup.  Pour in the white wine and allow to simmer for 2 minutes.  Add the anchovies (these really seem to intensify the lamb flavour) and then add the tinned tomatoes, kept whole.  Shake the pan and return the lamb to it.  Bring to the boil, put on the lid and simmer in the oven at 180C/350F/gas5 for 1 1/2 hours, then remove the lid and cook for a further 1/2 hour.  Skim off any fat and taste for seasoning.  Finally, stir in a handful of roughly chopped fresh basil, marjoram or flat-leaf parsley.



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Re: Lamb Shanks

Hi - I'm a bit boring when it comes to lamb shanks,  I like them cooked really slowly - about 140 - 150 degrees C for at least 3 hours( so the meat melts in your mouth) with a few sprigs of rosemary and bashed up garlic, then while they are resting I make a red wine gravy using the juices  from the lamb infused with the garlic and rosemary - classic, easy and always a success.

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