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Re: feta cheese

man i love feta, dont have any specific recipes but i have used in everything!

sprinkle on pizzas.
add to pasta just before serving.
bake it.
barbecue it. (no im serious)
mix with cold chickpeas, black olives and lemon juice for a delicious salad.
mix with hot vegetables.
mix with hot pulses.
add to kebabs and tacos.
jacket spuds.
and so on.

just think of things to do with other cheeses and your pretty much on the way.


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Re: feta cheese

My wife makes an incredible feta cheese bruschetta.. just add lots of feta to the chopped tomatoes, some minced onion , pureed garlic ,bit of olive oil,. oregano.  She cuts a baggette lenghtwise in half , spreads this on top of each half and bakes it for awhile. finish it off under the broiler . killer.

Great dish at our favourite greek restaurant is Shrimp Saganaki.    Large shrimp braised in a fresh tomato sauce with tons of feta mixed in .

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Re: feta cheese

A very quick and easy recipe is one tomato, one pepper (whatever color you like) feta cheese, some oregano and pepper...
cut the tomato and the pepper in small cubes, cover with feta and sprinke with oregano and pepper and put it in the oven medivm heat for 10 minutes (or as much as you like it baked) and ready to be eaten        (yammy, my mouth's drullin').  Just keep playing with recipes as you already do and you'll see that feta -almost - goes with everything! thumbsup
Just be careful as many don't play nice and mix cow's milk in feta cheese and that's not the original recipe.... Feta cheese is only made by goat's and lamp's milk... Buy only the known brands!

Good luck!

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