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Soggy aubergines

Hello all

I have tried many a time to cook with aubergines, in pasta, curries and so on, including in the Pasta alla Norma recipe from Jamie's Italian cookbook, but I can never get the aubergine to taste right, or have a nice texture. It's always a bit soggy and unappetising (no offence to Jamie's recipe -I'm sure it's me!).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated...


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Re: Soggy aubergines

Hi Peggy....

Sounds as if you are using too much oil.  Aubergines are like sponges and really soak up oil.

I use a pastry brush and coat the slices of aubergine with a little oil, then put them into a really hot griddle pan and cook on both sides.   Just brush on a little more if you think it is necessary.

Hope this works for you.

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Re: Soggy aubergines

It helps if you salt the aubergines first todrain off the juice.

Just cut aubergine as you wouldnormally, then put it in a colander with plenty of salt. Leave to drain, rinse, pat dry and fry in very little oil.

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