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#1 Sun 18 Feb 07 8:51am


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Jamie´s Tv Shows NOT in Germany?

Hey guys.............

here in Germany the channel RTL2 sends all the Jamie stuff.
But the last series was "Jamie´s Great Italian Escape".

What´s going one with

"Jamies return to School Dinners" ???
"Jamie´s Chef" ????

Bob or anyone from the team: "Are there any plans to send them in Germany?"

"Jamie at home" is now in Danmark an the UK....when does it come to Germany?

And who is responsible in which countries it aires first? I mean Germany is a freaking loving Jamie country!

Sorry but i miss Jamie on TV with new material here in Germany!!!  sad

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#2 Mon 19 Feb 07 3:58pm


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Re: Jamie´s Tv Shows NOT in Germany?

As far  as I know "jamie at home" isnt on here in Denmark at the moment

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#3 Mon 19 Feb 07 4:24pm

Steffi 100%

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Re: Jamie´s Tv Shows NOT in Germany?

Hello of Cologne dear InkBar. smile

I agree to you fully and completely. We are I also very sadly always the last are. sad
There is here more Jamie Fans than you believe. But you would have to have noted this at the latest after the big inquiry for the show.
So dear neighbours thinks please also sometimes of us. wink  thumbsup

All the best Steffi xxx tongue

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Re: Jamie´s Tv Shows NOT in Germany?

Somehow we tend to get the books a lot earlier even than some English speaking countries (USA for example) but the shows are late in coming and then they keep repeating the oldest ones all the time wink
But it'll come, don't worry wink

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#5 Wed 21 Feb 07 3:07pm

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Re: Jamie´s Tv Shows NOT in Germany?

he is not in virginia. usa

but i do get the f-word and i love gordon ramsey

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Re: Jamie´s Tv Shows NOT in Germany?

I'm still watching Oliver's Twist Here in Canada so I know what you mean! lol   Patience ..... whistle

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