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Knifes in the book "Cook with Jamie"


In Jamies new book "Cook with Jamie" i see on page 15 (in the german issue) 3 knifes in the right upper corner. Does anybody know from wich manufacturer the knifes come?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Knifes in the book "Cook with Jamie"

All I could read was "Stainless Germany", but I cannot make out the other two words below.     ??   Henckels makes a line of knives that look similar to those pictured in that the handle is completely part of the blade and fully stainless steel.

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Re: Knifes in the book "Cook with Jamie"

I think the line below is a serial number.  I don't think they're Wuesthof as they don't have the trident symbol, which I believe would otherwise be on that side.  Try looking through the Henckel website, they might have them online so you could confirm any suspicions.

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