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school meals

During the 1960s in  London I was an area superviser for the school meals service. I had quallified at the Westminster college that J.O attended. My point is that school meals at that time were very nutritional and well organized. I was appalled to see on the J O school dinner programs what awful food was being served these days. It is pleasing to see that some one is doing so much to turn it around. I still have the manual with the menues and guidelines for the at that time LCC.

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Re: school meals

In the 1960's, schools generally had their own kitchens, staffed by qualified cooks, and food was sourced locally. The menus were set - no choice, and kids were expected to finish it all - and they did.

The rot set in in the 80's, with Thatcherism. Do you recall the slogan "Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher", from the timewhen univera free school mlk eas withdrawn.

In the 80's and subsequently, the emphasis was on price, and price alone. Local Authorities were required to always choose the cheapest option, regardless of the long-term costs in erms of health and wellbeing. School meals services were privatised, kitchen closed, and the whole emphasis was on the profitability of the company that put in the lowest tender.

Naturally, this resulted in kids being fed crap, full of artificial flavour enhancers, and nutritionally suspect.

At least now we have begun to turn thecorner, and even return to the "old fashioned values" which pertained pre 1980.

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