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Var Chick

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School Dinners in France

Having lived in France for over 2 years I watched with interest the school dinner saga. Here my son (age 7) enjoys a 3 course meal every day including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat or fish and a healthy dessert. All with a chunk of french bread and endless jugs of water....

This is all cooked on site using fresh, local ingredients. Oh, and it costs me just over 1.50 euros per day.

It should also be said that all the children and teachers sit down and eat together and the lunch time is 2 hours long including playtime.

Another great reason for living here apart from the weather.

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Re: School Dinners in France

Hello, I don't know where you live? sounds great:)
But there is a major problem here in france as well as the UK.  Yes, they serve a "balanced meal" but there are ALOT of schools that almost all ingredients are tinned or dried and no actual cooking goes on!
Other schools don't have the good fortune to have their meals cooked on the premises so it is delivered by a caterer, who also cooks for the local hospital and retirement home (think hospital food).
My dd's school is alright but could be alot better.............;Hopefully the UK trend will catch on here!
leannetimm in SW france

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