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Need Help With Cleaning JO T-Fal Fry Pan

We received the large Jamie Oliver T-Fal Fry Pan as a Christmas gift and we absolutely LOVE it. Unfortunately I had a minor "loss of attention" incident last night and now I need to clean our pan without removing any of the original coatings that are supposed to be on the pan, but remove some of my added "coatings" that are NOT supposed to be on the pan. (I was cooking steak).  Any suggestions on how I can get our pan clean again?  We have soaked it in dish detergent and water over night, we have boiled it with just water, boiled it with soap and water, and we just can't get it clean again.  I fear I've ruined our beautiful pan.  sad sad  help

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Re: Need Help With Cleaning JO T-Fal Fry Pan

Maybe you could soak the inside of the pan for a long time with plain water in it.  Then gently try to scrape off the burned debri with one of those flat WOODEN spalulas.  What ever you use has to be non-abrasive so thet you do not ruin the surface.

What was recomended for cleaning the pan on the packaging that was with the pan ?

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