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Re: I made chips out of sweet potatoes. How did it taste?

I really enjoy sweet potato mash. Especially on a cottage pie!

I have never come across bright orange ones though  hmm

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Re: I made chips out of sweet potatoes. How did it taste?

My parents live next door to a sweet potato farm (my sister works there) and they are always making sweet potato chips. I can definitely tell the difference. They also get white sweet potatoes which are almost the same as normal potatoes but they are slightly sweeter. I love my mums roast sweet potato. She does it in the camp oven with the roast meat and they come out all sticky and chewy, sooo yummy.

And I can tell you now that the sweet potatoes you buy in the supermarkets and fruit shops are far less superior in quality than what we get from the farm. The ones you see in the supermarkets are pretty much what the farms rejects look like! They send alot of their tatos to the melbourne markets plus other places around OZ.

Matty, I am definitely going to try the lemon, garlic, rosemary potatoes, sounds delicious!

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