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Don't eat liver that is delievered to your house unless you ordered it

Body parts mistakenly delivered to family's home
Email Print Normal font Large font March 5, 2007 - 11:11AM

AdvertisementTwo packages containing human body parts - including a liver and a partial head - and were delivered to a United States family home instead of a lab.

Officials say more than two dozen similar packages could be dispersed across the United States.

The body parts, sent from China, were mistakenly dropped off at Franck and Ludivine Larmande's home by a driver who thought the bubble-wrapped items were pieces to a table.

"My husband started to unwrap one and said, 'This is strange, it looks like a liver,"' Ludivine Larmande told The Grand Rapids Press. "He started the second one, but stopped as soon as we saw the ear."

The body parts - which are preserved - were for medical research, police say.


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