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Important Question about Freezing

It I have raw mince and I freeze it for a few week; defrost it and cook in chilly or pasta sauce, and then find that I have enough left over to freeze for another day can or should I? 
In other words can you refreeze frozen raw meat once it has been cooked?

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Re: Important Question about Freezing

I do.  If I make a huge bolognese, for example, I'll often freeze it, even if it's been cooked with frozen mince.  Just make sure you defrost it properly and that it's piping hot when you eat it.  Don't refreeze the leftovers of that, though, I think that would be asking for trouble!

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Re: Important Question about Freezing

As long as you have cooked the mince thoroughly then it is ok to freeze it after it has been cooked.
Like Anna says,  once you have defrosted it ,then it should be reheated to a high temperature for several minutes. It should only ever be reheated once.

If you freeze things like bolanaise sauce then it is a good idea to freeze it in portion sized amounts as this will cut down on wastage.

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