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Farmers markets, are they all rubbish?

Farmers markets, are they all rubbish?

I know everyone is going to get really upset by this post as it is not politically correct in regards to this site.
I waiting at a bus stop outside an organic farmers’ market, and decided to go in as I have never been in one before. The place was full of people who looked smelly wearing big woolly jumpers that were about two sizes to big for them.
The first stalls had home cooked cakes and pies, that did not look very hygienic. They were all packed on top of each other.
I went to the vegetable stalls, not only had I never seen vegetables so small, but I didn’t know it was possible to grow them so small and so scorny.
What weren’t small were the prices.
Was this a unique experience, or have others seen the same?

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Re: Farmers markets, are they all rubbish?

We have farmers market  every second w/e and the variety of produce on the stalls is amazing. The quality of the wares available is generally very good. However seasonal differences can affect quality and prices amongst some items.

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Re: Farmers markets, are they all rubbish?

We also have farmer's market's and we LOVE them. It is an outing that we enjoy where we get to taste new foods from different countries. We bought two jars of curry powder from an Indian stall last time we went... an Agra and another type. It is delightful to cook with. We also can get the most divine Greek yogurt.. thick and creamy and mixed with pureed fruit of your choice. It espouses to be 97% fat free, but I am not sure which bit is the fat free part of it, because it certainly doesn't taste like that.

We can get lots of organically grown fruit and vegetables.... much better quality and taste than the fruit and vegetables we generally buy from the local supermarket. We can also taste a range of different nuts, roasted and spiced in different ways.

We also have our hippy dippy farmer's  markets... they are fantastic as well.... it just depends on where the market is situated as to what to expect. It will cater to the local community. I like going there because I can get really nice skirts that have uneven hems that are hand made and made out of many different materials to suit my lifestyle.

I enjoy seeing the different people browsing... they bring character and colour to the market. The conversations I have with different people at different markets is varied. This doesn't mean I always agree with them, but it is interested to see how people think and act outside of my framework and how I think.

If the world were the same, it would be such an uninteresting place......


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Re: Farmers markets, are they all rubbish?

I think it depends on where you are and how much of a pretentious git you are.

We have growers and farmers markets here in Adelaide and the produce is basically the stuff that isn't perfect looking but tastes fab. The prices are about average.

I have the central market though here in Adelaide so I am spoilt for value, quality and choice.

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Re: Farmers markets, are they all rubbish?

Much is in the eye of the beholder rather than the things themselves.

Looking hygenic isn't the same as being hygenic or of good quality.  Think of a gleaming supermarket full of shrink wrapped battery chickens for instance.

I agree that a lot of mediocre quality stuff is overpriced because of the organic tag.

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