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Brilliant Beef Strips

Alright, the name isn't important. Trust me, this is delicious.


Basmati Rice
Pecan Nuts

Fillet Beef
Beef Tomatoes
Baby Plum Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Chestnut Mushrooms
Brown Onion
Sweet Pepper

Double Cream
Mild Madras Curry Powder
Curry Leaves


Tenderise the beef a little and slice into thin strips

Boil up some water and add the rice and pecans

Slice the mushrooms, onion and pepper

Cut the beef tomatoes into 1/8's and the other tomatoes in half

Mix the brandy, double cream, curry leaves and curry powder in a bowl

Heat some Macadonia nut oil in a medium wok

Add the beef to the hot oil, sear it then fry on medium till cooked

Add the veg and cook until the onions start to go brown and the tomatoes are bleeding

Add the sauce. With the veg, what you'll find is that the juices combine with the sauce. I ended up with five times the amount of sauce I poured into the wok.

Stir fry, making sure to get all the beef and veg coated thoroughly

Drain the rice and serve

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