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#1 Fri 16 Mar 07 5:18am


Member since Fri 16 Mar 07

Jamie at Home

Fantastic series being shown here in Australia, LOOOOVVVVEEEEE the recipes and as always Jamie very entertaining...
Wondering if recipes from the show are going to be put into a book? would love the recipes of everything we've seen so far!plus more! The cauliflower and broccoli cannelloni on lasts nights show looks scrummy!
Look forward to some more fun, fresh and interesting recipes from Jamie and his garden..... smile

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#2 Fri 16 Mar 07 5:32am


From NSW Australia
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Re: Jamie at Home

I wish I had taped the show last night so as to reference the recipe for the canneloni again!  Will be trying the cheese sauce on my next lasagne..

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#3 Fri 16 Mar 07 12:57pm


From Jamie's office
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Re: Jamie at Home

Hi guys!

A book will be published later this year, we are currently just finalising recipes, but it looks set to be a stunnning... be sure to keep an eye out and great to hear you are enjoying the show! we had much fun making it  smile

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#4 Fri 16 Mar 07 2:08pm


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From Newcastle, Australia
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Re: Jamie at Home

In keeping with the requests of the moderators (and Jamie), whilst I didn't tape the show, the request was not to "spoil" the book by pre-publishing recipes.

All I will say is that the canneloni recipe's cheese sauce was unlike the traditional bechemel sauce you'll find with most canneloni or lasagne recipes.

No huge surprise for Jamie fans.

Whilst I loved the hand-drawn recipes, I wonder if they are the format for the book, whether:

I) They'd annoy the hell out of me when making up a shopping list;
2) Ditto as for cooking from them;
3) In a past life, I was a copy-right lawyer. The format shown on TV last night *so* reminded me of the "Moosewood" cookbooks. That shows my age but, since Jamie would have the best legal advice, I assume he's in the clear there.

Best wishes,

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#5 Fri 16 Mar 07 3:56pm


From Jamie's office
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Re: Jamie at Home

hi guys, glad you'e enjoying the show - it's great to hear from you

you can join in discussion on the show in the sticky topic at the top of this forum here:


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