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My newest gadget: a yogurt/cottage cheese -> to make boursin or labneh

I bought this Ontario, Canadian gadget on-line through a reputable Vermont company that I've dealt business with for more than a year.

The gadget is called a "Yoghurt Cheese Maker" by donvier by Cuisipro".

Instead of the cheese-cloth lined sieve over a bowl in the fridge, it's a sealed and lidded ~4.5 square box with a fine metal mesh (to do the straining).

It's all top shelf dishwasher safe.

It takes up to 3 cups of home-made/commercial yoghurt or cttage cheese.

This makes 1 cup of yoghurt cheese from 2 -24 hrs (depending on the thickness you wish).

Boursin and labneh cheese are great.

Don't know if "house rules" allow me to give you the link to Vermont, USA. Regardless,

Hope you enjoy.


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