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How to cook fish?

I really love fish but I never know what type to go for or how to season/cook it.

Any suggestions?? big_smile

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Re: How to cook fish?

It all depends on the type of fish.  Something delicate like sole will suit different treatments to a more meaty fish, such as swordfish; got any favourites or things you'd like to try?

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Re: How to cook fish?

With just about any fish you cant go wrong with butter,lemon & parsley, it might be boring but Im not sure I really like overly seasoned & spiced fish with complicated sauces... i love the simplicity of it.

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Re: How to cook fish?

I always do Fish once per week and find the best thing you can do is fry it for 30 seconds on the skin side, wrap it in Tin foil with butter, Lemon, Sea Salt and Pepper.  Pop in the over for 20 minutes.

A simple butter and lemon sauce or a little bit of sundried tomatoe pesto is wonderful.

Hate to quote certain celeb chef's but the best thing with fish is to "keep it simple"

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Re: How to cook fish?

Definately! My dad is a pescitarian (sp?) so my mum is always cooking fish... and more often then not she will cook it really simply:

olive oil
herbs: thyme/ rosemary/ parsley

and thats it! yesterday we had some lovely pieces of pollock, which i put  in a large roasting tray, drizzled with olive oil, S+P, lemon slices, thyme sprigs and some asparagus, then shook it all together and roasted. delicious!

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Re: How to cook fish?



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Re: How to cook fish?

Going back tot he first post, it is always cool to consider the texture of the fish you are working with....

Denser fish like Tuna, Swordfish and the such can be treated almost like red meat/steak.  They take well to broiling, and not overcooking, and work with just about any marinade or flavoring you can think of.  I love Tuna steak, grilled on the bbq, with a lemon, ginger soy mixture, then flaked over a salad or zuccinni, eggplant and peppers.

Flakier fish, like sole, cod or halibut, whitefish, can be lightly panfried with butter, lemon and dill, or other herbs and spices.  you can also wrap them in foil and cook them with your favorite flavorings, but it will not take much to overpower the flavor of the fish....

Salmon, is probably the most versatile fish out there.  You can poach it in lemon water, and make a nice hoallndaise or bearnaise for it...BBQ with garlic butter...stuff it with crumbs and mushrooms with onion, I have seen it wrapped in Saran, and thrown into the dishwasher for a cycle stuffed full of herbs and lemon slices.

Thnk of fish as a palatte...that you add flavor ro to enhance, not overpower....

If it is REALLY fishy smelling and tasting..the fish is not fresh...

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