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Fresh Herbs/ Dried Herbs question

Hi Foodies

I was just wondering somthing, i use some dried herbs like Bay Lead and Curry Leaf in my Tomatoe Sauces and Indian Currys.

I can never get a hold of fresh Bay or Curry leaf and i wouldnt probably use them enough anyway, thats why i store dried leafs, but to what quantities should i use dried against fresh.

For example if a recepie says use 1 bay leaf, how many dried should i use?

Kaffier lime leaves are the same, i never buy fresh but how many dried should i use?

Thanks guys !

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Re: Fresh Herbs/ Dried Herbs question

You can freeze bay and curry leaves (and kaffir lime leaves). They don't look as great defrosted but the flavour is still there. I think with bay leaves 1 fresh = 1 dry. Not sure about the others.

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