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** Pan Stacking advice???**

Hello everyone

Please can someone advise me or give me some tips on how i can stack my collection of Jamie's Hard Anodized saucepans effectively and so they don't collapse over my feet each time i open the cupboard?

Due to very limited space in my kitchen pan stands or hangers are just not an option, so i have no choice but to stack them in the pan + upside down lid style on top of each other.

I've tried putting a piece of kitchen towel between each layer to no avail, though i reckon thin rubber mats would do it if they exist?

Surely there must be some proper storage solutions out there for this problem?

Any thoughts would be muchly appreciated  smile

Cheers x

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Re: ** Pan Stacking advice???**

Hi Pot Noodle,

I would suggest finding an organizer for your lids, something like this:

It's nice and narrow which would leave you with space to stack your pans.  You can find rubber mats, the kind you put underneath a dish rack, at kitchenware stores, but you could just as easily use some squares of corrugated cardboard to protect the surface of each pan.

Hope this helps! smile

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