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Rice for sushi HELP!!!

Hi, I need  a little help. I´m planning to make sushi very soon and I knew I had bought a couple of months ago a package of rice for sushi. My concern is that I´ve checked the date that it expires and it expired on 2006, if I have it in the freezer to keep the bugs away, does it matter that it has expired o will it still be safe and healthy to use? Thanks!!
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Re: Rice for sushi HELP!!!

Can see any problems, really, as long as the rice is uncooked, and stored dry in a sealed container it will keep for years. I certainly wouldn't keep it in the freezer!

By "expiry date", I assume you mean "best before" date? Best before means just that - its advisory, not mandatory.

What we really need on packages is a "fatal after" date smile

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Re: Rice for sushi HELP!!!

Why dont you try making a small batch? Just cook it the normal way but don't add any of the seasoning for it to actually make the sushi rice... then you can taste it if it's "off" or not.

Someone gave me a bag of rice which was jasmine and I made it the normal way but when I went to fluff it up it seemed like I didn't add enough water... so I tried some and although it looked and smelled ok, the taste was definitely lacking, I had to throw the bag away after looking at the date and it was also 2006, lol! Yours may be ok though...

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