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Unhealthy food in German schools

We are a class in a school in Germany, where we learn to become a dental assistant . We tried to take a close look at the situation of food and drinks in our school. We have here a school shop, where the students can buy different things: many of the things are not tooth-friendly, for example:
sweets, fizzy drinks, … but we also find some tooth-friendly things like apples and water, milk and… we also have some vending machines  in school, where you can buy especially fizzy drinks and coffee but also water.
Most of the students don’t bring food and drinks from home to school, most buy there things in the school shop or the vending machines, and normally they buy the unhealthy and not tooth-friendly things. This things contain much sugar and fruit acids. sad  The bacteria needs sugar to produce acids which destroy the enamel. So you get caries. It’s better to eat more things without sugar and to drink more water. thumbsup

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