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Memories of Leigh-on Sea Anybody?


As a young lad born in Leih-on-Sea, when I became of age I took my first of many drinks at The Elms Hotel the year was 1960. The co Licensee/Manager was Kenny Oliver. I guess he was your Grandad, he later went on to run the Plough and Sail at Paglesham if I have my facts in order. I live now in OZ and we get all your TV progs, albeit some time after they debut in UK. The other night I was watching a episode from your at home series in which you mentioned that your Nan used to get her muslin from Louis Rutter's Butchers Shop and that you swore (jokingly) that she must have been having a fling with him because she got it for free.
Well let me put your mind at rest. Around this time I was workng at Gill Bros Ironmongers, corner of London Rd and Station Rd, just 2 doors from Rutter's and I can assure there was definitely no hanky panky going on or we would have known about it.
Keep up the good work my son and if you are ever down our way we will be sure to throw another prawn on the barbie for you big_smile .


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Re: Memories of Leigh-on Sea Anybody?

Hi Colin!!  Welcome to the forums!!   smile

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