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Coach and Horses - Newport

We are a young couple, Im(Sofia) from Sweden and Wayne is from Essex. We are applying for a pub in the Saffron Walden area, and we are very certain we will be able to take it over.
It is from the 1500 century, and very run down. It really needs a LOT of TLC.
We are planning to introduce some saffron dishes, as well as some Swedish dishes.

The pubs name is Coach and Horses, and it is located in Newport; across the street from Jamie's old school.
We are aware that it is located very close to Jamies' parents pub, and this fact scares us a little bit.

Does anyone know how the trade is around that area?
We do not want to interfer with The Cricketers market, (which probably would be "impossible" anyways) but we want to be a part of the Saffron Walden area's success!

Do you think we are taking water over our heads???

Pleased to hear from anyone with valuable information!

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Re: Coach and Horses - Newport

Love for the work, determination and lots of hard work, has never stopped anybody who really wants to succeed. Look at Jamie O. himself !
I am sure, even though I am in Norway and have never been to a pub, that there should be room for more than one pub in the same area, even if the other one is better known for now.
You are not serving the same food, and where else would people taste Swedish food in that area ? By the way, nice name Sofia - same as my daugther.
Head up and go for it, I say.....

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Re: Coach and Horses - Newport

Writing as someone from the local area, I would say that you would not be competing with the Cricketers.The Cricketers food is fantastic but is somewhere really quite special to go and I believe you would be aiming at a different Market. If you tried to keep your menu at a lower price with a good range you should do well especially if you are offering something a bit different. There is another Pub in nearby  Arkesden which has won lots of food awards too. Which may be good to compare with as this too aims at a different market to the Cricketers.
The other pub in Newport The White Horse does great classic English Pub grub food  (eg fish and chips and Pie n Mash) at great prices but is only small and I don't think they serve food every night, whereas at the Coach and Horses you have the space. You can also get the passing trade. This pub used to be very popular and I am sure can be again with the right people at the helm. It would be good to have somewhere else to go!! Go for it!!

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Re: Coach and Horses - Newport

I have many years experience of running food led pubs and being close to a  well established one  can only be a good thing. - especially a famous one as people are prepared to travel to the area. My advice is keep it simple; a few well chosen freshly prepared dishes is much better than a complicated choice of frozen ones.

Expect to work very, very long hours and have enough working capital to see you through the first six months. It is more than a business, it is a way of life.

Wishing you much success.

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