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cupboard stuff

hi guys just a quick question.......

does anyone know where i can find the jamie oliver ingredients, or "cupboard stuff", as shown in the "kitchen kit" part of this website, in NSW, Australia?

i wanna buy some of the foods, like the oil and pesto, but have no idea where to look and i dont particuarly want to go on a wild goose chase so any help would be much appreciated =]

thanks heaps

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young mum

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Re: cupboard stuff

Do you have a sainsbury's in Australia?

They are where we get that stuff in the UK. It is actually made by this company.....       try asking them.

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The White Rabbit

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Re: cupboard stuff

We don't have sainsbury's in australia. I thought it was only in the UK.

The list of "cupboard stuff" in the first two jamie oliver books is not meant to be a list of "jamie oliver" branded items; it's a list of food products that are useful in the recipes within those books and in general cooking. THe majority are available in supermarkets (coles and woolworths in australia).

For harder to find items try or the david jones food halls in sydney or melbourne. there is also a mail order company which does gourmet stuff - ideal if you are in a rural area.

wrt pesto, you can get it in packets from the dips section of the supermarket but it is nicer to make yourself - i think one or both of the naked chef books have a recipe in the back

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Re: cupboard stuff

Don't know where to get them in Oz but would try "the Essential Ingredient", Simon johnson's and "jones the grocerer" or DJ's (market st) in sydney or DJs at Bondi Junction.

If you're going to find them anywhere, you'll find them there.

Maree smile

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