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#21 Fri 27 Apr 07 11:03am

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HAVE A LOOK ON THIS LINK: http://www.jamieoliver.com/about/

Parents names:  Trevor and Sally Oliver

What are the name of your kids?  Poppy and Daisy


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#22 Fri 27 Apr 07 2:15pm

young mum

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Jamie Oliver
  Restaurants and cooking are in Jamie Oliver’s blood, as his parents own and operate a successful pub/restaurant, The Cricketers, in Cambridge, where he grew up. At eight years of age, Jamie was peeling potatoes and podding peas with the rest of the staff and, by 11, he could julienne vegetables as fast as any of them. When he turned 16, he attended Westminster Catering College, where he completed his formal training.
A fresh face in the culinary world, Jamie Oliver began work at the critically acclaimed River Cafe in London for three years. After appearing on television as part of a documentary on the River Cafe, Jamie was called the next morning by five of the top production companies in England. Jamie went with Optomen Television to produce the first series of the enormously successful Naked Chef. He has since gone on to produce Pukka Tukka, Oliver's Twist, Jamie’s Kitchen and multiple specials.

In addition to his TV shows, Jamie has written the bestselling cookbooks The Naked Chef (Hyperion), The Naked Chef Takes Off, Happy Days, Jamie's Kitchen, Jamie’s Dinner’s. Jamie opened a not-for-profit restaurant, Fifteen, with the goal of training unemployed youth to work in the kitchen and on the floor as documented in the wildly successful TV series Jamie’s Kitchen. The London restaurant has become a hit.

Most recently, Jamie began a food revolution in Britain thanks to his latest series, Jamie’s School Dinners, prompting the British government to publicly commit to improving the quality of the country’s school meals. In total, British dinner ladies, parents and most importantly children, have been promised £280 million to improve school dinners across the country. On March 30, Oliver delivered the 'Feed Me Better' petition, complete with 271,677 signatures, to Number 10 Downing St.

Jamie's cooking is even in demand by the British government. In 1999, Jamie was invited to prepare a lunch for the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who was entertaining the Italian Prime Minister. He is also a favourite among many Hollywood celebrities.

Jamie's passions are pasta and bread-making. He also plays drums with his high school mates in a band called Scarlet Division. According to Jamie, they sound like a mixture of "Catatonia and Texas with a harder edge."

Jamie married his childhood sweetheart, Jools, in 2000. They live in London with their daughters Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.

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