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Re: What is the best beer.................

Bass - but then it doesn't have to travel far to reach me, and their are some good cellars in the locals.

On a hot day though I have been partaking in some bulmers.....

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Re: What is the best beer.................

My home town of Lewes in East Sussex (UK) has a brewery called Harvey's brewery which turns out some lovely bitter.....for all you ale fans.....   

I tend to drink that if i'm in a pub or murphy's or carlsberg export lager if i'm at home.

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Re: What is the best beer.................

I had this sent to me at xmas with a dozen other 6 packs in a mixed box of Aussie premium beers.

James Squire Original Amber Ale

It was good, the only dark beer I have ever really drank (no one else got one) but I will definately buy it again.

Besides this I like Tooheys Extra Dry.. or Corona with lemon

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