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unhappy days with a naked chef recipe!

Have just 'tried' to make Sesame Seed Toffee Snaps from Happy Days with the Naked Chef and it is a disaster.  How with such a simple recipe can things go wrong?  I followed the recipe exactly but my sugar would not caramalise; after about 15 mins I turned out a stodgy mess with sugar still in its granulated form as the water began to evaporate off.  Any ideas why?  The only thing I can possibly think of is that the pan was too small and therefore the syrup too thick?  It just wouldn't darken at all.

Any ideas anyone?

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#2 Thu 10 May 07 9:29am

The White Rabbit

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Re: unhappy days with a naked chef recipe!

Try a wider pan and maybe a lower temperature to start with; and aovid stiring or shaking it as you will only create nucleation sites for the sugar to crystalise

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Re: unhappy days with a naked chef recipe!

Hi Tom,

I agree with White Rabbit. Did you turn up the heat too high? Would you like to try again, using low heat and DO NOT STIR the sugar mixture at all? Using a non-stick heavy bottom pan might helps too.

Good luck!


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Re: unhappy days with a naked chef recipe!

I make caramel quite often & have found that sometimes it takes ages. I dont know why.

I just put a cup of sugar in my smallest saucepan (1 litre) with a splash of tap water & leave it on a medium heat while I get on with other things (usually popping corn)

The only time I have had it crystalise is when i have been impatient & tried to hurry it up.

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