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Re: Surprise Birthday Tips

Hello Folks: i had a very successful birthday party for all my friends especially the Birthday BOY who got a shock of his life! These are the dishes that i cooked last Saturday. Thought I might share with all of you smile

1) Pasta - with sausages, mushrooms, traffic light peppers with tomatoes herbs sauce
2) Grilled Chicken Wings
3) Home-made Garlic spread with warmly toasted bread
4) Green salad dressed with Japanese sesame sauces
5) Cold Silken Tofu dressed with Japanese cream sesame sauces with seaweed
6) Green apple, red apple and cucumber with thousand island+lemon+almond flake dressings
7) Ice Cold Water with lemon and mint leaves
8) Dessert: Hot Double Fudge Brownies with Ice-cream

We had a very very very filling meal! I think i can feed about at least 30 folks that night. 16 turned up and almost everyone had at least 3 helpings of the pasta big_smile Asians eat alot too.. lol smile

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Re: Surprise Birthday Tips

Sounds like quite a success! thumbsup glad that it worked out well for you wink The food selection sounds  yummy

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