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Has anyone got a recipe I can do for 5 people main course in 2 hours - nothing spicy as old people -


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Re: chicken

hallo there i have one recipe for you ;

chicken fillet with pesto

4chicken breast fillet
2-3tbsp pesto
4slices parma ham or other ham

2-3tbsp olive oil

slice the chickenbreast to make a pocket fill it with pesto , season the chicken and wrap it ham. Fry it  for 13minutes till down.

P/s normally a do the same recipe for 6person but different, same ingriedints only more parma ham

200g parma

take a tin foil  brush it with a little oliveoil, the arrange ham slice, cut the chicken breast in thin slice not to thin overlap the on top of the ham spread the pesto onthe chicken , roll the chicken to make a cyclinder or a sausage tireden the ends then put it in the oven moderate for 5min, take out the foil then bake the chicken for 10 minutes. let it rest then slices it enjoy.

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Re: chicken

hello there

If you do a search on for chicken and then sort by 'quickest', there is a load of recipes there that come in under 2 hours.

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