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#51 Wed 25 Jul 07 12:40pm


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Re: Layering a lasagna

lasagna a la norma x 6 person:
500gr. of lasagne ... better if fresh
1 aubergine ... roughly chopped
6 spoons of extra virgin oliv oil
500gr. of tomato sauce
4 big leaves of basilico ... chop chop
400gr. of fresh ricotta
60gr. of grated salted ricotta ... if you dont find it use pecorino cheese or parmesan or grana ...  tongue
60gr.of butter into flakes
salt and white pepper fresh

hit a pan with the oil and throw in a garlic slice ... till golden ... in with the aubergine for 10 minutes ... remove the garlic and add the tomato sauce
with the basilico ... cook it 5 minutes more ... adjust salt n pepper ...
make the bake hot... 180 c ... put some butter on the pot where you are going to lay the lasagna... put some spoons of aubergine tomato sauce first ... then lay the pasta ... sauce ... fresh ricotta ... and grated cheese in this order ... till the top ... where you are going to put in the end some flakes of butter ... cover it with alluminium paper ... and leave it in the bake 20 minutes... then remove the alluminium and let the top melt and "gratinare" 10 minutes more ... take out of the bake and let it rest at least 5 minutes before to serve it  thumbsup

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#52 Wed 25 Jul 07 2:25pm


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Re: Layering a lasagna

Thanks, Antonio.  Now I know what some of my eggplants will be when they grow up.

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#53 Mon 20 Aug 07 9:30am


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Re: Layering a lasagna

instead of ricotta why not fetta, its got much more flavour and tang !!!

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#54 Mon 20 Aug 07 9:39am


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Re: Layering a lasagna

I just mix the ragu and bechamel, and alternate layers of the mixture and the pasta. There should not be too much sauce per layer, and its best if the pasta is thin as well.

Start with a thin layer of bechamel, and finish with a a thicker layer of bechamel and parmigiano. Bake until top is crisp!

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#55 Mon 20 Aug 07 1:18pm


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Re: Layering a lasagna

frizz did I ever give you my vegetarian lasagne recipe? Its probably not to everyones taste but my meat eating family love it.

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