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Re: Food Stylists ??

Thanks Georgie - that clears it up.

Wish I had a food stylist or two handy smile

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Re: Food Stylists ??

I haven't seen the shows, I don't think Jamie at home has come to Sweden and if/when it does, it's usually on a channel that I haven't got.

I understand really that you need a great staff to supply Jamie with all stufff for all shootings, 1 show per day, that's really tough!

When it comes to food stylists, and shooting food, I know there can be a few tricks involved. I am a journalist and I've occassionally been working on a weekly, editing the recipes. Once I also sold a large article with recipes for 7 dinners for families with little children, a whole week, to a parent's magazine. A photographer came to my house and we helped each other to arrange the dishes in an as appetizing way as possible.

Here is what I've learned:
- It's almost impossible to take pictures of brown sauce. It just looks so UGLY.
- Green peas shouldn't be thawed through, or they'll go wrinkled quickly.
- Soup is another challenge. Most ingredients will sink to the bottom of the dish and leave a greyish surface. I read an article about a food stylist who said the solution was sand at the bottom of the dish.  tongue
- The same food stylist said that just a little droplet of washing-up liquid brought about those fancy bubbles you see in the coffee ads.

I have hardly seen any of Jamie's TV shows, I saw some fron The Naked Chef but that was when my kids were little and I had very little time to watch TV. And now when they're on Swedish Ch 5, I can't. I like the books though, and when it comes to the photographs, I like them, I like the rythm in them, showing close-ups of dishes ready to eat, but also what the courses look like just before they go in the oven, people, and vegetables, herbs, fish and meat the way they look before you start cooking and so on. I guess there are food stylists involved for the pictures in the books as well?

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Re: Food Stylists ??

Hi Georgie,

I was just wondering, how do you get into Food Styling?

Do you have to have a food science degree or a cooking course under your belt?


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