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Gluten & wheat free pork pie

If you want pork pie but can't eat shop bought try this recipe I make loads for my friends you can sub with real flour for non coeliac's

Pork Pie  (This recipe will make 2small cake tins or 1 Loaf tin)

10oz Gluten & wheat free plain flour
1/2 tsp Salt ( fine )
1/2 tsp Gluten free baking powder
250g Lard
250ml Hot Water
1lb Gluten & wheat free sausage meat ( or split open sausages )
corn flour

Sift flour , salt, baking powder into a bowl. Using just boiled water melt lard in hot water, when lard has dissolved add to dry ingredients. It will make a dough but it will need HOT HAND WORK is was I call it make sure your hands are dusted with corn flour, use small amounts and flatten the dough in a 1lb loaf tin or a small cake tin, dust with corn flour, mould up the sides leaving enough dough for the lid, try to make it about 1/2cm thick all over and double cover any areas that look to thin, as when cooked can crack, put sausage meat in, you can add spices to give extra flavour like mustard powder, paprika, chilli etc..., put lid on and mould together all round the edges. Cook in a pre heatted oven gas 6 for 25 mins then turn down to gas 5 and cook for 45-55 mins

When cold if you make up some gelitine, when that has cooled enough to pour in, make two small holes in the top and pour in untill it comes out the top, if you have cracks in the pastry I wait longer and just fill the holes with the jelly add black or white pepper to this for extra flavour

When you do this with plain flour when you get to the stage of the tin lining chill it for about 20mins to harden the dough

Hope you like it, I have made 9 over the last two weeks, not made mine yet.


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Re: Gluten & wheat free pork pie

my dad has a gluten allergy and this is really useful as he loves pork pies. well he did at the meal we went to last, he ate them although he's not allowed them. i really wanted gluten free ones for my birthday so thank you for this recipe.

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Re: Gluten & wheat free pork pie

Thank you very much for the recipe! I haven't had pork pie in 2 years ( since I stopped eating gluten ). I used to make my own, so am very appreciative of the opportunity to have this old treat once again! smile

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Re: Gluten & wheat free pork pie

I've just found your recipe and must give it a try. Before I had to go GF I was famed for my raised pork or chicken & ham pies. Have not made any in 13 years!

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Re: Gluten & wheat free pork pie

I must try it

cross reference for the gluten free thread

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